NoxNoctis X Tesura Games: A new and terrifying collaboration!

This new horror lovers collaboration brings to “physical life” the VR-utal escape room!

Madrid, Spain <15th of February 2024> Grab your PlayStation VR2 and immerse yourself in a mansion full of nightmares! The horror enthusiasts at NoxNoctis developer studio join the publisher and distributor Tesura Games to bring to life their latest spine-chilling project, OVRDARK


Following the steps of DO NOT OPEN, the studio’s previous game, we are invited to go into the depths of Judith’s Manor.


Relieve the nightmare and step into the shoes of George Foster, Mike Goreng’s former lab partner. Unveil the truth behind your best friend’s tragic suicide and find the cure for the pandemic that is threatening humanity, which key is hidden within Mike’s family mansion’s walls.


In this exclusive VR-escape room, you are not just exploring a terrifying house; you are part of its sinister confines. While traversing its haunting corridors, interacting with its objects, and unravelling intricate puzzles, you will feel the chilling presence of Mike Goreng lurking behind you. Prepare for an immersive horror experience that will keep you questioning what awaits around each corner.


The physical edition of OVRDARK will be packed with your worst nightmares for PlayStation VR2, to be released in 2024.


Stay tuned for news, info about the Collector’s Edition, pre-order links, and more soon!

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