Open your fairy tale book and create your ideal magical kingdom in “Fabledom” in physical format for PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch!

Madrid, Spain <May 20, 2024> Once upon a time, a video game about a fairytale life! Welcome to Fabledom, the new collaboration between Merge Games and Tesura to distribute in physical format the fairy tale simulator for PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch this September.


Once upon a Village… Set in a wholesome fairytale world Fabledom is a laidback City Builder. Grow your Village into a Kingdom, discover fairytales, make allies, find a Prince or Princess and live happily ever after!


📖 Collect Resources and Shape your Settlement.

📖 Sweet & Laid Back in a Fairy tale World.

📖 Get yourself a King or a Queen..

📖 Tales of trades, feuds and partnerships.

📖 Build an Army, elect your hero to protect your kingdom.


Fabledom is now available for pre-order at major video game stores and Amazon!

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