80 Days & Overboard visual novels goes physical

Madrid, Spain <September 22, 2022> On an adventure! The visual novel genre is all the rage and Switch seems like the most welcoming platform for it. Thanks to a new collaboration between ININ Games and Tesura, we will be able to enjoy 80 Days & Overboard in physical format, two adventures in a single cartridge.


80 Days

Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novel, join Phileas Fogg and his loyal servant Passepartout as they race around the world against a clock that never stops. Explore the whole world to find the fastest route or the strangest stories…



A murder has been committed aboard a ship bound for New York, and you are the culprit. Now you only have eight hours to help former actress Veronica Villensey lie, cheat and murder her way to freedom.


80 Days & Overboard for Nintendo Switch is coming on October 28. Now available to preorder at major video game stores and Amazon.

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