A new Nape Games X Tesura alliance! GemaBoy Zero X starts its kickstarter campaign, including physical editions

How far will you go to save your true love without alternating the flow of time?

Madrid, Spain <11th October, 2022> A new collaboration is on the way! Nape Games, indie Spanish videogames company joins Tesura Games to support the brand new and just announced kickstarter of GemaBoy Zero X, the next level in the Napeverse. Backers will have the chance to get a physical edition of the game for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, NES and Dreamcast with some of the kickstarter tiers. You can add it to your wishlist now!


Gemaboy Zero X is an action, exploration, and platform Cyberpunk Ploidmania videogame. It is the latest installment in the PLOIDS saga in which Omega will have to travel through time to preserve it and rescue his beloved Alpha. Gemaboy Zero X is inspired by classic games, while additionally, mixing run and gun mechanics with metroidvania for main gameplay, and various mini-games with shoot’em up structure, mini puzzles, and more. With this we will reach the climax of the PLOIDS saga.

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