Everspace 2 takes off in physical format for PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series!

Madrid, Spain <17 March, 2023> Ready to explore the Space! In a new collaboration with Maximum Games, we are proud to announce the physical format of Everspace 2, the reference of ships, management and space odyssey.


Extraterrestial exploration, tons of loot, RPG elements, mining and crafting will arrive later this year t0 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in a Stellar Edition, including: the base game, a SteelBook case, a 64-page mini art book and the original digital soundtrack.


EVERSPACE™ 2 puts you in the pilot seat in this fast-paced single-player space shooter, where vicious encounters and brutal challenges stand between you and that next epic loot drop. Explore the war-torn star systems of the Demilitarized Zone of Cluster 34—each massive handcrafted area is packed with secrets, puzzles, and perils to encounter.


çExperience a thrilling sci-fi story following Adam, a clone pilot seeking his place in the universe. The events of his past tangle with clashing factions as the DMZ approaches a boiling point. Escape colonial capture, navigate the intrigues of local warlords, evade energy-maddened cultists, and fend off war-hungry aliens.


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