Introducing Kokopa´s Atlas physical edition, available only on Kickstarter

Madrid, Spain <September 2, 2021> The entire Tesura team is very proud to present a new collaboration to make the physical edition of Kokopa’s Atlas a reality, an adventure and crafting game developed by Rafael Martín, from the Cordovan studio HyperMegaPixel and published by Hitcents. It’s an honor to support Spanish development and we hope you like Kokopa’s Atlas, available in physical format for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch during 2022 in two Editions, Normal and Collector’s.

About Kokopa’s Atlas

Join Kokopa on his journey to explore and make a new life for himself on this new, uncharted planet. As you plot, design, build and farm on this fertile world, you’ll also have to watch out for the dangers that come with being an intergalactic traveler! Can you keep your new home safe from cosmic pirates, the local wildlife, and the dangerous mysteries the wilderness holds?



  • Dynamic NPCs –  When you happen upon a new settlement, NPCs will be tending to their day-to-day duties — or maybe slacking off! Creatures in the wilderness will also interact with their environment and towards each other — watch out for the aggressive ones!
  • Create Your Own Adventure – What do you want to do today? While there is much adventuring to be done, it’s ok to spend time relaxing at your homestead. And once you’ve regrouped, there is plenty of other work to be done! Perhaps you can craft some new tools, tend to your garden, help a villager, or test your mettle in the wilds!
  • Meet Pollimero! – A faithful biodroid assistant, Pollimero (model PLM-079SY) is skilled in all things exploration. (“More than an advanced vacuum cleaner!”, reads the maintenance hatch.) Pollimero’s most versatile tool is the Scan-o-tron, a highly advanced module existing at the forefront of modern science. When activated by Kokopa, it emits a powerful shortwave radar throughout the surrounding environment, highlighting resources, terrain oddities, enemies, and more.


Kokopa’s Collector’s:

Game, Artbook, CD with the ost, Keychain, Double-sided poster, Stickers and Collector’s Box,

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