Maze of Gods The Rage of Zeus, the next step for FrameOver Studio and Tesura Games!

Madrid, Spain <February 14, 2022> For the glory of Zeus! We can finally unveil the new project in collaboration with the Valencian FrameOver Studio, acclaimed for its animation and VFX. We are very proud to present Maze of Gods The Rage of Zeus, a 2D adventure and platform game that we will give you more information about soon.


Unveiled exclusively at the DeVuego Awards event, Maze of Gods is a 2D non-linear platform adventure set to arrive in 2022 riding Pegasus.

Maze of Gods is a non-linear 2D platform adventure. With an open world structure with traces of metroidvania and graphic adventure, the story provides the motivation to improve the character’s skills, control skills and various weapons and magic that provide new mechanics for the challenges that arise.


With nostalgic touches and new mechanics, Maze of Gods offers the player an adventure with multiple scenarios to get lost in and the freedom to progress through the story as the player wishes. Lucius is a teenager who dreams of emulating the great mythological heroes.


The young would-be hero starts his adventure on the day of the hero school exam. A tragic setback triggers a story full of action, humor, adventure and many secrets where the player will decide how to live it.


More information on Maze of Gods The Rage of Zeus in the coming months!

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