The Cotton Reboot!’s physical edition arrives in Spain for PlayStation 4 and Switch!

The ULTIMATE celebration of the cutest hero in video games!

Madrid, Spain – April 6, 2021> ININ Games is pleased to present the physical edition of Cotton Reboot!, the shoot’em up with the cutest little witch in video games. Tesura Games will be in charge of bringing it to Spain on June 25 for PlayStation 4 and Switch.


Japan’s favorite witch makes her way in this beautiful game with stunning HD graphics and remixed soundtrack. This is the original Cute‘ em up! It will test your skills as well as strike a chord with you. Cotton and his friends return in celebration of one of Japan’s most beloved video game icons. Choose between HD Reboot mode or go for the original X68000 mode, with the perfect pixel art of the iconic Japanese computer.


Una joven, impetuosa, inmadura y tremendamente exagerada bruja, llamada Nata de Cotton, monta en escoba acompañada por un hada llamada Silk. Cotton está loca por los caramelos llamados “Willows”. ¡Esos dulces son tan increíbles que no dejará que nada se interponga en su camino para conseguirlos!

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