The Legend is back! Turrican Flashback comes to Spain in a Physical Edition exclusively from Inin Games and Tesura Games!

In a new collaboration with Inin Games and Tesura Games is pleased to present this compilation title featuring the most acclaimed run’n’gun titles from the Turrican series!

Madrid, Spain – October 14, 2020 —Turrican Flashback Will arrive in physical format to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 8.


The legendary series is back! Turrican sets the world on fire with his expanding levels, high-octane action, and the unforgettable soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck. Relive 4 masterpieces from the series in a whole new way, with improved controls that make the game feel better than ever, and personalize your experience with tons of new options to enhance the graphics. The return of one of the great heroes of video games! Welcome back … TO TURRICAN!

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