Transport yourself to 1983 with the physical edition of Donut Dodo for Nintendo Switch!

Mission? Collect all the Donuts!

Madrid, Spain <7 February 2024> Collect several nickels for our new collaboration with Pix’n Love! Donut Dodo, the quintessential retro game with a sweet tooth, returns in physical format to Nintendo Switch on April 26.


Ready to top the high score table?


Tough as nails and no continues, do you have what it takes?


Donut Dodo is a light-hearted arcade game, reminiscent of the beloved classics from the early 80’s that we still cherish to this very day. You play as Baker Billy Burns, who has to run, jump, and climb to outwit Donut Dodo and his bunch of clueless minions. Your goal is to collect all donuts in each level, in the best possible time!


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