WildSphere releases the first gameplay teaser for OXIDE Room 208, the long-awaited sequel to its hit horror game

Granada, June 14, 2023 – Game studio WildSphere is pleased to release the first gameplay teaser for its upcoming game, OXIDE Room 208, which promises to take players to a new level of terror and suspense. The teaser is out today, June 14, coinciding with the anniversary of the first game in the series, Oxide Room 104, and gives fans a first taste of what awaits them in this exciting sequel: a haunting atmosphere, improved graphics, new mechanics, and thrilling surprises that will take the experience to a whole new level.


In OXIDE Room 208, players will be plunged into an even more intense, terrifying, and action-packed experience. First, players will be transported to the dark subterranean facilities of the laboratory under the old motel, facing Doc in Katherine’s skin. And at the same time, they will continue to unveil the most disturbing secrets of OXIDE, and this time it will be Josh who finds himself trapped and suffering from the delirious apparitions of the creatures. This cocktail of emotions will keep players on the edge of their seats.


New partnership announcements for this new release will be presented with the teaser.


Sound will be one of the game’s strengths. In this release, we will again have composer Adrián Berenguer, who is developing new, powerful tracks like the one in the teaser. And other exciting news for music fans is that we will also work with Carlos Escobedo, singer of popular rock band Sôber, who will provide us with an exclusive song for the game.


OXIDE Room 208 will be fully dubbed in English and Spanish thanks to our collaboration with the production company TodoJingles, led by Sergi Carles, who is renowned for his talent as a dubbing actor and will also portray the role of Doc, the merciless and cruel scientist behind the horrors lurking in the laboratory.


In addition, the physical edition will be produced in collaboration with us, Tesura Games, we are working on a complete and terrifying edition that will thrill collectors.


For this new release, the studio has used motion-capture suits and digitized real people to create convincing and realistic characters, including Sergi Carles as Doc. OXIDE Room 208 is also being developed with the powerful graphics engine Unreal Engine 5, using cutting-edge techniques and tools like Lumen and Nanite. The studio is working on creating highly detailed and realistic environments with state-of-the-art lighting effects and shadows that add another level of immersion.

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