Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World comes in Physical Edition to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch May 28

Madrid, Spain – February 18, 2021 —In a new collaboration with ININ Games, Tesura Games is pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World in Spain for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The great adventurer returns to current platforms on May 28.


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Wonder Boy saga, the original Westone team has come together for the revival of 1994 fans favorite Monster World IV. A gorgeous remake that pays attention to detail and gets updated with modern graphics and features! From design to music, the team returns to Monster World to breathe new life into the classic.


Asha embarks on a mission to rescue the spirits and save the world. Luckily, her winged blue friend Pepelogoo, is there to accompany her on her adventures. Help Asha save the world! She travels through the Kingdom and discovers the different hidden treasures and the original characters that populate the land, collect coins,and buy something, right?


While the story remains true to its origins, there are a lot of updates and features included in the new Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World.


Of course, the answer you all want to know… Yes, Asha still does her little dance when she finds a treasure!

For longtime fans, consider this the definitive edition of Asha’s timeless adventure, because Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World also includes the original Mega Drive Monster World IV! Enjoy the modern interpretation and his original creation to savor the world from every angle. Rediscover why Asha is one of the strongest, most charming and independent heroines in the world of video games!


Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World isn’t just a remake, it’s a celebration. From the original team to the longtime fans who have been involved in the production, this release is the culmination of 35 years of the greatest fans caring for and animating one of the best and most original femme fatales in video games. Finally, Asha is back! Take sword and shield and mover your ass, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World has returned!

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